Rishi Dhingra
Squat snatch PR at 105 lbs (48 kgs)

Growing old is inevitable but isn’t necessarily a bad thing if we can maintain our health. Aging is a much more controllable variable. Protecting your mitochondria is a vital part of aging gracefully, while keeping one’s healthspan in sync with your lifespan.

The concept of using food as medicine has helped me optimize my health, body and mind. Becoming self-aware and learning how your body works is the goal, while customizing your diet and lifestyle to fit your fitness journey.

It isn’t about just looking good on the outside. When our mitochondria are damaged or lack the nutrients or fuel they need to function optimally, it results in systemic inflammation — resulting in a host of chronic diseases, from mitochondrial dysfunction. This can cause an overactive immune system and excessive oxidative stress, which age you faster.

Mitochondria tend to degrade over time due to lifestyle factors like environmental toxins, stress, poor diet, a sedentary lifestyle, lack of sleep, and nutrient deficiencies. Taking care of your mitochondria are essential for healthy aging.

Health should be your biggest investment.

PR: 105 lbs #squatsnatch

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