Rishi Dhingra

Always bring your own sunshine, and photosynthesize…

Whenever we talk about food these days it’s usually in absolutes. There’s good food and bad food. Kale is good for you and gluten will make your insides explode. Is it really that simple or are we missing something?

Most people fall into a cycle where they’re good through the week only to come apart at the seams over the weekend cause a small well-earned treat turns into a binge. This ‘binge-restrict cycle’ happens so often, to so many of us, it leaves us feeling guilty and unsure of what went wrong.

Food can be a source of pleasure, joy, or it can be a place of shame and remorse. The aim is to not only lead healthier lives but to also enjoy food without guilt and create a better relationship with it.

Eating should be about reconnecting with our body, thinking of food from a place of nourishment and self-care, rather than from a point of restriction or deprivation. Classifying foods as GOOD or BAD sets you up for more anxiety.

No one got fat from having just one doughnut, nor skinny from having one salad. No one lost all their progress by missing one workout, nor lean by having one amazing workout. Our health is dictated by everything we do over time — consistently.

The health and fitness space is tough to navigate. It’s overloaded with opinions, pseudoscience, and proclaimed experts. It’s easy to suffer paralysis from analysis and find what’s best for you.

Be mindful of your fitness goals and focus on maintaining a healthy mindset. This doesn’t mean eat whatever, whenever. Just don’t shame yourself if you do indulge every now and then — after all, life can be pretty damn boring if we don’t break our own rules from time to time.