Being overweight is no weigh to exist..

The perception that lifting heavy weights leads to dramatic muscle mass gain seems to be a turn off for many people — especially ones looking to lose weight fast. Fact is, bulking up requires a specific meal and training plan, where you eat a protein-rich diet in surplus of your maintenance calories. If it were that easy, many more guys would be walking around swole.

Increasing muscle mass speeds up metabolism causing you do burn more calories all day

Even if muscle gain isn’t your goal, do not shy away from strength training. It speeds up both metabolism and your rate of fat loss through the day, especially stubborn fat.

Eating at a healthy calorie-deficit will allow you to lose fat in the healthiest and most efficient manner, while not dropping lean muscle.

Lifting heavy does not make you bulky!

There is a misconception that doing light weights at high reps helps with spot toning. I can assure you that this will. Not. Happen. You lose fat from all over your body when you drop fat. It’s harder for women to gain muscle mass compared to men anyways, due to naturally lower testosterone and higher estrogen levels.

Resistance-training combined with HIIT cardio and a healthy diet will maximize fat catalysis.



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