Carbs at night let you sleep tight..

Food affects mood. Everyone knows that. Carbs in particular are considered comfort-foods, but why? Eating carbs, spikes insulin in the blood.

The insulin effects other hormonal levels:

1. Increases your feel-good hormone, serotonin

It does so by increasing uptake of the amino acid, tryptophan to the brain. Tryptophan produces serotonin. This stabilizes your mood, and feelings of wellbeing and happiness.

2. Increases your sleep hormone, melatonin

This lets you feel relaxed and calm and setting you up for a good night’s sleep.

3. Lowers your stress hormone, cortisol

This switches you from fight or flight mode (sympathetic) to rest and digest mode (parasympathetic) — switching off a racing mind. Cortisol is meant to be high in the morning to wake you up.

4. Increases your reward and pleasure hormone, dopamine

This lets you feel full and satisfied, allowing you to fall asleep easier.

The combined effect of manipulating these four hormones in the brain sets you up for a perfect night of sleep, letting you fall asleep easier and stay asleep.

Eating fewer carbs at lunch allows your body to be more insulin-sensitive at dinner. Insulin-sensitivity promotes fat loss, healthy aging, reducing your risk of chronic inflammatory metabolic disorders like diabetes, obesity, cancer, and cardiovascular issues.

Careful not to eat too many carbs, though! Extremely high insulin too close to bedtime can blunt growth hormone (HGH) release during deep sleep, and HGH is vital for its fat loss, recovery, and anti-aging benefits.

Ideal carb sources are sweet potatoes, white potatoes, black or brown rice, gluten-free pasta. Avoid processed carbs and refined sugars. And be done dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed. Add to this quality protein, fat, and fiber sources to complete the meal.

Sleep tight!



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