Eating intuitively is akin to a levitating act

You may have heard the term “intuitive eating” floating around. This relies on listening to hunger cues, eating when hungry and not when full. You follow instinct, track nothing. Basically, it’s Eating.

Intuitive eating is an excuse to eat whatever you want.

Eating intuitively works if you are a master of portion control, and eyeballing macros and calories. For most people, me included, this is tough. If you’re just starting your fitness journey, I recommend tracking your calories and macros.

It’s normal to not eat perfectly.

I’ll be the first to admit that counting calories can be tedious. In the beginning, even though I was eating relatively clean 80% of the time, I was eating in a surplus most days, and disrupting progress. Over time I experimented a ton with my diet and find sticking to the same palette and workout regimen monotonous and honestly, boring.

Body awareness is key for intuitive eating

Everyone is different and it’s important that you experiment with your macros to see what works best for you, keeping in mind your mood and energy levels.

Personally, it took a lot of trial and error to finally land on a flexible eating plan that aligns with my fitness goals. Although I do tend to stick to what I know, with time, this plan may shift as new research emerges and I try adopting new mindsets by staying receptive to new information, adapting lifestyle along with new nutritional plans that pique my interest.

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