Rishi Dhingra

Just cause you’re vegan, doesn’t mean you’re eating healthy..

As you probably already know, a vegan whole food diet has major benefits when it comes to your health, the world, your budget, and your waistline! These days, the demand for vegan food is higher than ever. The industry is now trying to produce all existing foods in vegan versions too.

But are these vegan processed foods really as healthy as a vegan whole food diet?

People also tend to eat more calories in a day when consuming a processed food diet, as these foods fail to provide the level of satiation that wholefoods do, a weaker effect on our appetite hormones, so still leave us hungry.

It has become much easier to be a dirty vegan..

Foods can broadly be categorized as wholefoods and processed ones. As soon as food gets canned, cooked, grind, dried, baked, frozen, it falls into the category of processed foods. Mostly, the industry is adding something to the food that makes it processed food — sugars, fats, emulsifiers, colors — to increase BOTH taste and shelf life.

Avoid the crap..

Being vegan but consuming mostly breads, grains and processed foods will not only leave you malnourished but will also have unwanted effects like unhealthy weight-gain, puffiness, clogged arteries, lethargy or low-energy, and diseases like obesity and t2 diabetes.

Not all vegetarian or vegan foods are healthy or created equal..

In fact, many can be filled with processed fillers, preservatives, and “bad” fats that have a shelf-life to last a century. If you are experimenting with a vegan diet, you’ll want to follow the same philosophy that we apply to eating in general: eat whole, real, unprocessed foods!