Not everything is worth the weight

In a fat loss phase, one is always looking for hacks and tricks to be less food focused while maximising effort. Fat loss starts faster and exponentially slows down with progress. Its never linear, nor should your approach be.

You will hit that plateau.

Tracking calories/macros and adjusting training effort is needed. This requires knowledge of tweaking these metrics to get the most out of your fat loss journey. No point putting in a ton of effort, only to realise the science is flawed.

Your relationship with food is critical, and happiness is key to your fitness success.

Sustainable progress without yoyo-ing back cannot be done without considering:

1. Food sources — focus on variety, nutrient density, wholefoods, fruits, and green leafy veggies. Avoid processed, packaged foods.

2. Meal frequency — space them at least 4 hours apart, minimizing frequency. Stop grazing.

3. Nonlinear calorie intake — higher carbs and calories on heavier training days, lower on rest and less intense days.

4. Linear calorie deficit — a set percentage deficit (under maintenance) for 5–6 days, with 1–2 days at maintenance levels.

5. Refeeds — 1–2 days every week or two, at a 10–20% surplus over maintenance calories. Mostly carbs.

6. Diet breaks — once every 2–3 months for a week or two, at maintenance calories.

Refeeds and diet breaks normalize motivation, energy, and hormonal levels. Fat loss efficiency improves due to increased hormonal sensitivities, BUT weekly refeeds and diet breaks lengthen the fat loss process making it more sustainable.