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Rishi Dhingra
2 min readJan 26, 2021


It’s usually daunting to know you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, and more so when you feel like your weight loss is slowing down, even plateauing. But it doesn’t matter how slowly you go if you don’t stop.

Don’t let a small stumble on the path be the end of your journey

I want to preface by saying that your body fat is one of the most important and miraculous things to your survival, and your evolution as a human. Today we’re at war with this thing that is primarily there for our adaptation and survival in the world.

Exercise is literally your fat crying

Motivation needs to be coupled with knowledge of what to target for long term success at keeping excess fat off.

- white storage fats:

lie under the skin (subcutaneous), in your abdominal cavity and around your organs (visceral), and in your muscle fibers (intramuscular). Visceral is dangerous cause it surrounds and pressurizes your organs, causing disease. It is also the fastest fat you lose when you get on the right regimen.

- brown burning fats:

these mitochondrial-dense fats, counterintuitively, burn fat stores for the body’s energy demands. Mitochondria are cell sites where fats are metabolized to release energy. Higher brown-fats in the body implies a younger body.

You want to lower white and increase brown fats

This is achieved by a nutrient-dense, high fiber and protein diet, in a mild energy deficit. Combine this with resistance-training, HIIT cardio, quality sleep and recovery. Rinse, repeat. Consistency is king.



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