Rishi Dhingra

We live in the Inflammation Age

The 4 main lifestyle diseases that most people succumb to are cardiovascular, t2 diabetes, cancer, or Alzheimer’s. Chronic systemic inflammation leads to insulin resistance, which causes of all four.

Systemic inflammation is aging by 1000 cuts

Aging can be reduced to (the lack of) mitochondrial function. These powerhouses run your body’s operating system and are responsible for all energy production that drives your lifestyle. Their efficiency dictates metabolic function and overall health. Waste products of their (oxidative) work are called free radicals. Uncontrolled production of free radicals catalyzes aging via systemic inflammation.

Your nutrition and lifestyle dictate your mitochondrial health and immune function

Unresolved inflammation lowers mitochondrial efficiency causing less energy and more free radical production. This causes DNA damage by unraveling its strands and shortening its telomeres, another aging metric.

A (cytokine) storm is brewing

Systemic inflammation is a result of an autoimmune response by the body’s (innate) immune system, which is chronically triggered. This inflammation inhibits mitochondrial function, causing DNA degradation.

Hormones are the car, mitochondria are the driver

The state of your mitochondria dictates the state of hormonal balance in your body. Hormones drive all activities, feels, thoughts, emotions in your body. The mitochondria are the frontline environmental sensors and decision makers for your body’s operating system.

Old mitochondria = old you