When you get oddly comfortable with home workouts..

You boost immunity by reducing overall inflammation in your body, not by consuming supplements alone. Inflammation is controlled by foods you eat, how active you keep, and how well your body recovers.

The first line (innate system) of your immune response to pathogens mark infected cells by releasing cytokines or inflammation markers at site, which in turn activates the secondary (adaptive system) immune response, that recognizes the specific antigen for the infected cell, allowing the T-cells to attack and neutralize them. Cytokine production is a healthy response.

Chronic inflammation is a metric of how compromised your immune system is and a precursor to most chronic ailments like CVD, diabetes, obesity. You want it down, letting your immune cells be sensitized and prepared to fight when needed.

When your body is legit required to give a cytokine immune response to pathogens in the form of inflammation, it should do so strong and precisely, without overreacting by forming a ‘cytokine storm’, that can cause a cascade of debilitating issues for the body. This is an inappropriate response, coming from a compromised and confused immune system.

Pre-existing inflammation in your gut, joints, brain, liver and kidney, skin is making your body fight this cytokine inflammation response on so many different fronts that when faced with a viral pathogen, it tips over. This dictates how severely the infection will manifest in you as symptoms of the disease.

A flexible, wholefoods, fruits, full-spectrum diet and fasting combined, lowers blood sugar which lowers insulin which lowers cytokine formation which reduces (chronic) inflammation.



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Rishi Dhingra

Rishi Dhingra

holistic nutritionist : biohacker : tennis player : ironman triathlete : anti-aging & longevity geek : corporate junky : crossfit monkey — IG: @rishirajdhingra