Your relationship with food is your longest one in life.

We see time and again that people aren’t incapable of losing weight, it’s the ‘keeping it off’ that stumps them. Changing your lifestyle habits around eating and activities is never easy. It’s hard enough to modify our relationship with food, without the added complexity of social constructs around it.

The psychology of rewiring our internal relationship with food is complicated at best.

Most people have been on a diet at some point in their lives. And it’s quite likely, that diet failed at some point. Simply put, diets don’t usually work. To successfully change a health-related habit, most people require multiple attempts, me included.

Long-term sustainable habits are the solution to consistent weight management.

Look at people who have successfully maintained weight loss. Their journey to get in shape started on a single day. That day turned into a second day, a week, a month, and eventually a year. It didn’t happen overnight, and it wasn’t easy. But persistence pays off when it comes to health.

Habits need to become lifestyle choices, and behavior is a function of your desire, emotion and knowledge.

People have different body types: fact. Some people get away eating almost anything and staying relatively lean, while others need only a whiff of a doughnut to gain weight. Everyone is unique.

Healing your relationship with food is about getting creative and finding ways to take back your power. There are no shortcuts.



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Rishi Dhingra

Rishi Dhingra


holistic nutritionist : biohacker : tennis player : ironman triathlete : anti-aging & longevity geek : crossfit — IG: @rishirajdhingra URL: